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Fall Memoir Writing Workshop: Life's a Beach and Then You Write About It.
to Nov 30

Fall Memoir Writing Workshop: Life's a Beach and Then You Write About It.

What do you think of when you think of the beach? When you remember the beach, what do you remember? Is it an ambience? An impression? Or is it the sand in your ass-crack? The too-intense smell of seaweed?

This is the central question of how to write memoir and where our jumping off place will be for your either 4 or 8 week intensive course.

Life’s A Beach, and Then You Write About It: A Memoir Workshop for Writers & Non-Writers is your tl;dr into a creative writing masters to take the stories from your life and turn them into something valuable, healing, and entertaining for yourself and others.

You’ll learn the difference between autobiography and memoir, how to play with chronology and perspective, the ethics of memoir, fiction as memoir vs. memoir as fiction, and of course, the aforementioned difference between the sand and the waves.

Additionally, the class will cover:

  • Defining Your Book, Its Purpose, and Your Intended Reader

  • Organizing your material into a working outline (if outlines are your thing)

  • What constitutes the building blocks of your memoir

  • Revealing the greater meaning in your story

  • Planning your next steps

  • Using elements of memoir to form professional and personal anecdotes that SLAY. (This one is my favorite, you guys. Who doesn’t want to be the person with the most memorable story, told with aplomb and brevity at a party or in a job interview? My method even works for introverts!)

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