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I am available for personalized writing, script, and pitch coaching and consultation.

I’ve taken my years of working professionally as an artist, teaching, self-growth research, life-long Buddhist practice, women’s group leadership, and the training/mentorship of some of the world’s best writers and distilled it into an abbreviated masters curriculum.

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All my life, I have sought work experiences that live at the intersection of my left and right brains. Bringing art and creativity to its ideal audience has driven me since before I even understood capitalism enough to know that I would need a job to make money. And since my childhood days of art-entrepreneurship, I have been writing, editing, and producing my own theatrical, video, and musical content, as well as working with other writers and creatives to have the most realized version of their vision meet with the greatest connection to an audience. 

I've worked for large arts entities like The Shubert Organization and NBCUniversal affiliates, scrappy boutique places, and eventually the scrappiest person I ever worked for: myself. By running my own boutique creative company, I have been able to learn from and meet the needs of diverse clients, collaborate in effective, creative ways, and use ingenuity to solve creative problems with little/no budget. I've spent years helping to pitch the ideas of clients, as well as my own. 

Let me put my 15+ years of experience in publishing/film/TV/theatre to use for you and your work, too. 



Ryann is a great sounding board for whatever creative project you’re working on. She’s able to zoom out to offer high-level structural suggestions, and equally willing to zoom in to the specifics of character nuance and dialogue. Best of all, she delivers feedback in a constructive, supportive way that nurtures new stories.
— Rob Shafer, Writer
Ryann doesn’t just look at the big picture, but also the very small details, and illustrates her reasons for changes and edits so succinctly, that it all becomes very obvious why she’s one of the best in the business. I have gone to her multiple times, and will continue to hire her. I’d be a fool not to.
— Lira Kellerman, Writer