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Nicholas & Alexandra


The new pop-opera chamber piece tells the tragic tale of the last Romanovs who ruled Russia for 300 years.

Written with Steven Jamail and Aimee Mignon Postell

At the turn of the 20th Century, Nicholas Romanov was the richest and most powerful man in the world. He and his wife, Alexandra, were descendants of every major royal house in Europe and were deeply, personally happy. But they kept a secret that threatened both their personal happiness and the future of a nation at the threshold of revolution.

Set against the backdrop of one of most turbulent times in human history, we follow the chain of events through famine, industry, world war and the onset of communism that humbled a once-proud family and ended a 300 year reign.

Through it all, we stay focused on a personal family portrait--- interweaving real letters with imagined intimate moments of family struggles. Nicholas, Alexandra, and their five beautiful children found out that their love alone wouldn’t be enough to save a nation. And their decisions to place their duties as parents ahead of their responsibilities as monarchs cost them their lives and perhaps their legacy.

With touches of political irony and rooted in compassion for all those who are swept up in tide of history, Nicholas & Alexandra is a new and poignant musical that asks, what lives on after we have gone?